If you are using your reading glasses to view your computer screen, your eyes are straining to see the screen.  The computer screen is typically further (14"-30") than normal reading distance (8"-12"). You are probably experiencing irritated, dry red eyes and headaches that occur when not having the proper vision correction. Upper back and neck pain is common when a computer user must lean forward to attempt to view the screen.

Our Computer Eyed bifocal computer readers with reading magnification and computer magnification, allow you to read and view your screen comfortably thus eliminating the back, neck and eye problems. One pair of glasses that solves two vision problems! Plus the anti-glare (AR) lens coating will protect your eyes from the effects of digital glare.

All you need to know is your reading magnification, which is the strength you need when reading a book or your paperwork. The top part of the lens is already optically corrected for computer screen viewing.